Elephant Gypsum Board is smooth-finished material made from gypsum mineral which is not flammable. Formed and encased with glutinous compressed paper on both 2 sides, its surface is very smooth and beautiful yet functional. Elephant Gypsum Board could be perfectly applied to match with the wide range of the application both partition and ceiling.


Capability to reduce echo and absorb sound through the circle and square holes and bonded to back side with Glass Matt. Achieve sound absorption rating of NRC 0.65-0.80

Standard and Test

Tested the sound absorption capability according to NFEN 20354 and ISO/DIS 11654

Usage Area

Mainly used in wall and ceiling wherever you wish to increase sound absorption or achieve a desired decorative finish. Used in open plan area where there is a need to absorb sound people’s voice so that they do not disturb people in other area of the room.